Full Service Pharmacy

BJ’s Family Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy.

We fill prescriptions from local and out of town prescribers.  Prescriptions can be brought in, called in, faxed in, or e-scribed to us.  We file most major insurances.  Insurances are filed on the spot and copays are known immediately.  We have a large inventory of medications; however, if we do not have the medication needed in stock, we can normally have it by the next morning.  For your convenience, we have a drive thru for prescription drop off and pick up.  Refills may be called in to the pharmacy, placed online thru this website, or you can just walk in and ask us for a refill.  

Patient counseling is a priority to us!  

We want to make sure our patients are confident about each prescription they are receiving.  Please never hesitate to ask us a question.   We like to go over each new prescription with our patients.  

We have a large over the counter area in our pharmacy.

We will be glad to recommend a product for what ails you!  We have vitamins, cough and cold medications, digestive medications, eye and ear medications, personal hygiene products, and many, many other items.